Dulcimer Classes, Instructors, and Private Lesson Teachers

The Hills of Kentucky Dulcimer Club provides FREE beginner level instruction for our adult members. WINTER/SPRING classes begin with the first meeting in February. FALL classes begin with the first meeting in September. There are no classes during the summer. Each series of classes consists of six one-hour lessons that prepare each student to confidently play in group sessions and public performances.

2019 Fall/WINTER Classes begin Sept. 5 AT 6 P.M.

Beginner 1:  Focuses on the very basics - learning the parts of the dulcimer, learning to read tab and understand music notation and rhythm, developing a solid strum and steady beat. This class will meet in the large meeting room to the right as you enter the building. There will be a table set up where you can pay your club dues or rent a dulcimer if you need one.
Instructor -       Assistant -

Beginner 2:  Focuses on learning the basic chords, beginning to play chord-melody style, learning the bum-ditty strum pattern, and learning to accompany a tune with chords. This class will meet in the second room on the right as you go down the hallway (cafeteria). Instructor - Assistant -

Beginner 3: Moves the student on to learn how to use a capo, do hammer-on and pull-offs, read and play waltz time signatures, and apply other techniques that move the beginner dulcimer player to the next level with a solid foundation for years of enjoyable playing. This class will meet in the classroom on the right side of the hallway. Instructor -       Assistant -

Class Schedule for 2019:  Classes begin at 6 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE:  HOKD will not meet if the Kenton County Schools are closed for inclement weather. 

For more information on becoming a member of HOKD, please contact Barb Farrow, Membership Secretary at bfarrow1@yahoo.com.

For more information about our classes, please contact Ann Stanchina, Teacher Coordinator at astanchina@msn.com

Members wishing to rent a dulcimer can contact Barb Farrow, Dulcimer Rental Coordinator at bfarrow1@yahoo.com.

Private Lesson Teachers - Available on a Fee Basis:
Here is a list of our members who are willing to teach at times other than during a meeting. Please contact them for further details:

Elaine Caldwell - eac7773@gmail.com
Florence/Burlington, KY area

Judy Durham - dulcimertunes@gmail.com
Greater Cincinnati area

AlAnn Feldmann - musicgal@fuse.net
Dry Ridge, KY area

Debbie Grizzell - dagrizzell@aol.com
Highland Heights, KY area

Dana Gruber - Dulcimerdg@aol.com
Greater Cincinnati area

Janet Lucas - veronakid859@yahoo.com
Walton-Verona, KY area

Fran McCoy - momentinthyme@yahoo.com
Middletown and Greater Cincinnati area

Patty Smith freeindeed1956@gmail.com
Alexandria, KY area

Rebecca Turney - rejomitu@fuse.net
Park Hills, KY area

Phyllis Whitt - prwhitt60@gmail.com
Lebanon, Ohio area